Saturday, January 3, 2015

Warung Satria - Bali

In the last few months, we decided to up our game in terms of our culinary experience. Being a culinary traveler like we always do, we ended up having more pictures of our food than of ourselves. Doesn't matter though!

We would like to start with a very down-to-earth place called Warung Satria, Bali. Originally, we wanted to come to one of the more popular ones. Instead, we were suggested that this one is worth a try and might be better suited to our taste, so we were like, why not?

 Besides, it is said that this place has been around for decades, so we assumed that they must be serving good stuff!

When we came, this place was not crowded - in fact we were the only guests. That however didn't stop us from trying the Nasi Campur Bali in this place. In fact, that was the only thing that we ordered (we have no idea whether they sell anything else or not, and to be honest, we didn't care). 

As you can see from the above, the dish is very simply presented and preparation was also very quick. However, when we tasted it, it was clear that the amount of spice put in this dish is quite generous and tasty - definitely sticks out to our taste. The sate lilit and the chicken is the champion of the dish for us. For those who are looking forward for nasi campur halal in Bali, this place is definitely worth the visit. 

Price wise, it was OK with around Rp 30 K per portion - not bad considering that prices of food in Bali is getting higher and higher as things becoming more and more commercialized.

Portion wise, it is on the OK side. It is actually quite fulfilling with the generous amount of rice. All we can say to this simple dish is that it was not disappointing and we are definitely visiting this place again in the future. 

Address : Jalan Kedondong , Denpasar

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