Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Chinese Food with Attitude

I have been very busy with my work lately I haven't been able to update anything! So deeply apologize for the late update

Last time, we went to Gandaria City and visited this place called Fook Yew (quite popular already, but hey - never too late too try)

It was very crowded on Saturday and we had to wait for like 10 minutes before getting seated - which is not bad at all! As you can see, the decoration is very flashy and eye-catching.

Without further ado, we go straight for the menu. 

We ordered the X.O. Fried Rice, Hong Kong Fried Noodle, Stir Fried Brocolli with Garlic, Chicken Garlic Sheng Jian Bao (or basically Fried Xiao Long Pao), and an Avocado Pudding as the dessert. Plus two drinks.

My X.O. Fried Rice was delicious as expected, and the portion is not too much, although it is also perfect for sharing should you plan to eat it with other dishes

The Hong Kong Fried Noodle was quite okay, although nothing is really special about it. It is being served in a Hollywood-style Chinese lunch box, so it looks kinda funny after a while 

The Chicken Garlic Sheng Jian Bao was delicious and the chicken filling is quite plentiful and savory, although the skin is very slightly a bit too thick for our taste, but didn't matter so much in the end.

You should also try the stir fried broccoli. An excellent combination of garlic and vegetable which would be a great 'friend' to be eaten with rice and some other dishes.

Finally, we come to our dessert which was the Avocado Pudding, topped with chocolate sauce. I found this very refreshing and taste perfect for avocado lovers. The texture is rather similar with Mango Pudding that you can find at dim sum restaurants, only it is avocado. Hope you get the picture.

With the price of roughly Rp 280 K, Fook Yew is a recommended alternative for those who wishes to try a new kind of Chinese Food in the town. Our adventurous belly suggests that we should come back here to try other stuffs (and share the story with you!).

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