Tuesday, July 23, 2013

AMUZ French Restaurant

Perfect Dining for a Perfect Night - AMUZ French Restaurant

Last month was a very special moment for us.  I mean, I 'arranged' the special moment so to speak. Take a guess, doesn't take a genius to find out the answer on what happened. 

As this is not a personal feelin' and happenin' blog, let's just stick to things that pleases your tongue : delicious food!

AMUZ is located in the Energy Building, 2nd Floor,in SCBD Sudirman. Conveniently located just right after Graha CIMB Niaga. Many has said that this is basically the best French restaurant in Jakarta, so I'd figured out this will be the best place for the best moment.

When we came on 18.30, the place was still very empty, with only 2 seats filled, although we later found out the later it got, the more crowded the place became. Advance booking is highly recommended. 

The place is marked clearly, you won't miss it. Not really a super-secret hidden place where even the sign cannot be found. 

We occasionally saw the chef walking around the restaurant checking for stuffs. Too bad we didn't had the opportunity to mingle! Deeply apologize chef it it wasn't you!

Ambience is very soothing and calming, with a very good selection of songs that brings up a fine-dining feel of the whole room. Atmosphere-wise, it was just perfect.  This really brings a certain standard to a fine-dining restaurant.

We chose the 6-course menu as we wanted the opportunity to try different stuffs at once, however there are a lot of choices from the menu should you wish to go ala-carte. My suggestion is that the course menu would give you the opportunity to taste more, but again it's everybody's choice. We saw someone ordering the steak and they do show you the meat beforehand - a fine dining standard.

We started up with the Surprise Amuse Bouche, which consists of mushroom soup, ravioli with cheese sauce (the one with foam, really delicious!), and a thin bruschetta. 

Pictured below is the Marinated Blue Finn Tuna Toro. Very fresh, very tender. Now, before you say anything, this is not like a sashimi of any sort. Definitely a 5-star quality cuisine!

One of us (I'm not gonna say which one) was not really into Foie Gras, therefore we asked for a replacement for the third menu. Turned out we can  exchange it with an Angel Hair Carbonara with Truffles. Now that was quite unexpected and the chef let us had a few more truffles within our pasta. Replacement that comes with an excellent compliment!

Below is the Foie Gras served with Orange Confit. The risotto-like orange stuff is actually a barley risotto. Unusual, but tastes awesome nonetheless. 

Continuing our adventure with Pan Seared Coral Grouper with Orange Lentils. A very tender fish with a very crispy skin. The barley risotto makes a return. The return of Barley Risotto. Or whatever. 5-star fish!

Second to last menu was the Oven-Roasted Farmed French Challans Duck, served with Baby Corn and Tarragon-scented Polenta. A delicate dish, that's all I can say about this amazing thing.

We end it Raspberry Soufle, with White Chocolate Milk Shake and Tarragon Ice Cream. The Soufle itself is fine, but the ice cream is not really into our taste, as the Tarragon taste is very, very strong. 

The course is Rp 685 K each person and including drinks, we end up with around Rp 1,8 million. Price is fair enough and I think for us we got more than we pay for. 

Taste wise - this is beyond excellent. I have to admit that it requires a bit of acquired taste to truly enjoy the food - as the taste are very delicate and complex. However, for those of you who already know how to properly please your tongue - prepare your wallet and hit the place. 

Definitely worth the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and Nth visit in the future. We plan to try various stuffs here every year to celebrate the 'day'. Expect another review next year as promised!

Amuz French Restaurant
Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53 The Energy Building Lt 2 JAKARTA
Phone : +62 21 250 506 or +62 21 250 5064


  1. I love the food and atmosphere of the place. i have about amuz restaurant here http://goo.gl/6i75wj, i like this picture http://goo.gl/Puep8f , do you like?

  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked it, I'm planning a 2nd visit definitely in the future.