Friday, July 5, 2013

Singapore Food Collection

Back With a Lot of Food from Singapore

After gone for quite some time due to travel and unbelievably busy real life schedule, here I present you some of the food I consumed savagely during my Singapore trip on June. Won't describe about the trip since this is not a travel blog (wasn't really travelling though), however let's just say I'm trying as much food as I can.

As you know, food in Singapore is quite regulated especially in terms of additives. However, that doesn't mean we didn't eat nicely there.

We stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hotel and I can tell you the food is amazing.

Take a look!

Set of pictures from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel breakfast. Heheh, we enjoyed every bit of it. Menu didn't change however during my 5 night stay, so these pictures should do

One night we ordered a room service for Rum and Raisin Ice Cream with Apple Tart. Delicious midnight guilty pleasure! Served on a tray with cold steel bowl, 2 glass of water, and 2 sets of spoon/fork. Amazing service. Price was around 20-30 SGD, can't remember exactly. Worth every dollar. If I had more cash I would've ordered this every night. More like, I would've tried all of their ice creams. 

Had a dinner at one of the restaurant in the hotel. Delicious set menu + an amazing mango pudding with lemon sorbet in the middle of it

Tried this Prawn Noodle at Wisma Atria for 5.2 SGD. I saw a lot of people ordering it too, so I gave it a try and didn't regret it.

Found this precious little tongue pleaser below at Takashimaya. Behold : Durian Pancakes. Coming in many sizes. Took home 2 boxes of it, was rather cheap. And extremely pleasurable. Warning : Eat cautiously at hotels

Alright, got to tell you that we were in Singapore to attend a relative's wedding, and it won't be complete without sharing the food that we have during the special moment.

Special cupcake

Chili Crab Mantou

Mandarin Oriental Combination Platter

Duck (obviously)

Fillet of Cod - amazing texture and taste!

Bird's Nest Soup 

Baby Abalone with Pok Choi


Hazelnut Royaltime (more like Frozen Nutella with additional goodness)

Overall, we had quite a good time there. However, we plan to visit Singapore again as we thought we haven't got enough time to satisfy our tongue. 

Stay tuned for more foodies and goodies. We have a *grand* one coming up!

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