About The Tongue Pleaser

This is a food blog that is based in Indonesia which pretty much discusses about my culinary adventure, or basically, what awesome food that I have eaten. This is not a blog to judge or give a rating or anything like that - it's all about experience sharing even at the most basic of restaurants - or even simple premises. 

My special one and I are food lovers - we crave food the moment we open our eyes every morning, and we believe that a good food experience needs to be shared. After all - that's what this blog is all about - being informative and as a media for sharing. 

While our food experience are based around Jakarta, we will undoubtedly share our experience on the best cuisines and tongue-pleasing goodies from pretty much everywhere around Indonesia, and around the world should be have the opportunity to travel abroad and try foreign deliciousness. 

Keep yourself posted, bookmark this blog, and receive many updates on deliciousness!

Chris A.

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