Monday, April 6, 2015

Otel Lobby - Rasuna Epicentrum

One of our latest experience were quite close to home, and it was on Valentine's day .

Otel Lobby has been here for quite some time but we haven't got the chance  to actually visit and try. We'd been told that the place is expensive, but again sometimes there is a price to pay for quality food (as we have proven from time to time) and this time we're giving this place a try.
Why the suitcases, though?
This place has quite a nice ambience to it - ideal for hanging out and chilling. Would work perfectly for a date night out, although we predict this place could be more crowded in certain days.

We started the night with the homemade Stone Baked Pizza - with smoked salmon, dill, cucumber, and cream cheese. Slightly different with your typical pizza, this gem is more like a flatbread than a pizza - however this is actually the type you would commonly found in Italy  or Europe.

Very flavorful, fresh, and light. Ideal for sharing and surprising makes for a good appetizer.  Priced at Rp. 85K
The next dish is the Grilled Salmon - served with braised shiitake mushroom, spinach, and wasabi mashed potato. Fresh and having a great texture - surely with loads of nutrition inside. The wasabi mashed potato is rather unique- but surprisingly it works. Priced at Rp 115K.

The real champion of the day is the famous Beef Wellington. Image layers of delicious crust wrapping the juicy beef. Yeah, that's Beef Wellington to you . This is probably one of the few places in Jakarta where you can get this dish, and fortunately it's very delicious. Priced at Rp 185K. This is served with mashed potato, but not on the same plate. You can actually forget about the potato now.

For the dessert, we order the famous SoufflĂ©. We have tried lots of version in Jakarta and by far this is the absolute best with the perfect texture, perfect presentation, and having the exact level of moisture that we had expected. Truly you cannot ask for more. 


This gem is priced at Rp 45K, and you have to wait around 20 minutes as it has to be made fresh. But trust me, it's worth the wait!

We agree that the pricing is somewhat rather high at some points, however it is truly one of Jakarta's top restaurants in our opinion.  Our experience was really good, and we truly recommend this restaurant. Check out the menu on the address below.
Feel free to share your experience!

Otel Lobby
The Annex Building of Bakrie Tower 
Jl Epicentrum Tengah, Pintu Selatan
Kuningan, Jakarta 12940 (021) 29941324

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