Friday, August 23, 2013


Food Adventure @ Pancious

Pancious is already a well-known restaurant known for having great selection of.. non pancakes.

We've ate here twice in the past 3 weeks, so let me share what we had and what we think of them.

Please note that we DID NOT order these on the same day. Otherwise, we would be having a belly with the size of a car.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Go Curry

Warmth Guaranteed

A while ago we decided to eat something rather destructive to our digestive systems. We ate Go Curry before watching Pacific Rim, therefore you can be sure that we were enjoying giant robots with relatively warm stomach.Located in Pacific Place mall, the restaurant is not that large nor small, but nice enough to mingle with friends or having a date (like us)

The way you order it is that you decide what curry do you want (they have Red, Brown, Japanese, Green, and Rogan Josh), which type of rice (or carbohydrate-related stuff), and then the dish (Chicken katsu, etc). Plus, you can add additional things if you want, however a-la carte choices are also available. Also, level of spiciness. I know some of you likes to gamble with life and death in terms of spiciness.