Thursday, May 28, 2015

[TRAVEL SERIES] South Korea - Amazingly Delicious and Healthy Food!

As promised a few months ago, I will be posting all about what we ate in Korea.While Korean food has been very popular in Indonesia for quite some time, it is a unique experience to enjoy the authentic experience firsthand.

Korean food is a combination of pleasure and healthy eating at the same time. That is probably the best description I could think of, and you will see the reason why below. Upon arrival, we had the opportunity to taste the bulgogi stew, or in Korean is called Bulgogi Tukbegi. This little corner in Seoul probably

Typically in Indonesia bulgogi is associated and served as grilled meat. However, in Korea eating it as a soup during cold months is very common. Savory and delicious, it also warms your body. Should you go to one of those authentic Korean restaurants, try asking for one of these. 

Bulgogi Tukbegi

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ya Rae Hyang - Senopati [Revisited] (somewhat)

If you guys still remember, we visited Ya Rae Hyang, a Korean Restaurant in Gading Batavia around half a year ago - check the post right here. 

This time, we visited the other place in Senopati, which is located very close to Mu Gung Hwa - A Korean mart that sells Korean food ingredients (a very cool place, you should check it out). 

Finding this place in Jalan Senayan No.16 is a bit difficult - it is situated right next to a clinic or some sort but there is no very large sign of it. Simply put - if Mu Gung Hwa Korean supermarket is on your left - you have passed it and need to turn around. 

Our objective this time was to simply eat Jajangmyeon - to see whether the taste and quality is consistent, and as well to fulfill our craving at that time. 
Serene little place