Friday, August 8, 2014

Ya Rae Hyang - Gading Batavia - Jajangmyeon!

There is one Korean-Chiense fusion restaurant that we have been visiting for at least once a year, and that is Ya Rae Hyang, located in Gading Batavia, Kelapa Gading.

One of (and probably the only) the reasons why we visit this place is primarily to eat the jajangmyeon (Korean noodle with black bean sauce with pork). The premise is very homey and traditional - and quite unassuming. Takes quite a while to find it the first time. Last time we came here, it was for dinner, and many Koreans were eating. I assume that this place is more to the authentic part rather than some of the 'localized' versions of Korean food.

Also, this place is probably one of the few Korean restaurants that offer Jajangmyeon in Jakarta, thus this is like a very rare gem that needs to be cherished.

We ordered two jajangmyeon and a plate of Tangsuyuk - fried pork with sweet sauce. The food are better  explained through pictures though :

As you can see, the Tangsuyuk is basically fried meat (in this case pork) with sweet sauce with a variety of vegetables and pineapples - very unique combination in one plate. However, when we tried this one, it is a bit sweeter than what we have tried in some other places. On the other hand, the meat is very tender and pleasurable to eat.

The above two are the reason why we visit the place - the jajangmyeon. It is admittedly not easy to find a place that serves this. The portion is relatively large and satisfying. Taste is delicious, although there are more veggies than meat. Still the authentic feel is there. Overall - a satisfying experience. 

We spent around Rp 250K  - the tangsuyuk is somewhat pricey and the Jajangmyeon costs Rp 50K each - not bad for an authentic feel.

We do recommend you to try and see if the food served fits your taste - we personally would like to visit again to try some others stuff. 

Address: Komplek Gading Batavia Blok L C 9 , No. 12, Jalan Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading.
Phone   :+6221 45854403

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