Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jamie's Italian - Vivo City HarbourFront Walk Singapore

We went to Singapore a month ago and decided that this trip shall be a trip for culinary purposes - thus we decided to forget about weight loss for a while and have a go with anything delicious. 

One of the few interesting places that we visited is Jamie's Italian in Vivo City Mall in HarbourFront. We've just finished our exciting trip in Universal Studios and, after spending a long time walking and queuing, we decided that it is a good idea to enjoy a nice food once in a while. 

It's a very interesting place located just next to the harbor with a very nice view of the surroundings. Definitely the kind of environment you'd like to enjoy to chill out - and a nice place for a cup of coffee. 

However, it is clear that we are not here for any coffee at all - we want something Italian!

We ordered one appetizer and two pasta since we were relatively hungry at that time.

We start with the Baked Mushrooms - which is Swiss browns with crispy “music bread” & smoked buffalo mozzarella as explained in the menu. 

The mushrooms taste relatively fresh, however the bread underneath is somewhat soggy and the overall taste is somewhat bland - too bad.

One of the pasta we ordered was the Truffle Tagliatelle. Now, this stuff here is very amazing and rich in flavour. The truffle gives a very extravagant flavor and aroma, with just enough sauce to make it tasty and moist. This is a definite must-try when you're visiting the restaurant. 

Next is the Pappardelle with Meatball. The pappardelle is rather unique with a wiggly shape - which actually gave it a rather interesting texture once eaten. The sauce is rich and fresh, and the meatball is also quite juicy - this is also a must try in the restaurant. 

All in all, we spent around 80-90 SGD for the whole experience and will definitely return there. While eating we saw other delicious meals, and we might just want to give some of them a try in the future - after all, this is Jamie Oliver's restaurant.

Address : 1 Harbourfront Walk, #1-165-167 VivoCity, Singapore 098585


  1. I went there last year. Place packed. Ordered what people recommended on websites. Won't come back. Nothing really outstanding.

  2. It was definitely packed and we were just lucky to find a seat!