Monday, July 28, 2014

LaCroazia Pizza Bakar - Gading Serpong

Real life has been crazy, so I haven't got time to go anywhere unique let alone blogging. 

If you noticed, recent posts have been about Italian foods and Pizza in particular. I would like to warn you that the this one is again about pizza. 

However, this place is not some luxury Italian stuff or even some fine dining. This is a place at a ruko in Gading Serpong, called LaCroazia, a humble, homey-styled Pizza where you can just simply sit down, eat, and chill just like in a neighborhood premise. 

The business have been operating for 7 months as of now, and there have been lots of good reviews about this place, therefore I decided to travel all the way (and got lost of course) to Gading Serpong just to visit this place.

Here's a glimpse of the premise.