Monday, August 25, 2014

Ninety Nine

Living in close proximity to Lotte Shopping Avenue gives me the comfort of trying out lots of things. One of the places I have tried recently is Ninety-Nine Restaurant, located at the lower ground floor next to Ranch Market. I've read some reviews on this place and it seems that it serves a lots of cuisine types, including Indonesian. 

Therefore, we decided to give it a shot for a light dinner (or that was the plan). Pictured below is the premise, not too crowded, but populated enough for us to enjoy the ambience.

We begin with the appetizer which is the Rustique Tomato Soup. Unexpectedly, this turns out to be really fresh and authentic. The tanginess and the rich tomato flavor do well to please the tongue. Texture-wise, it is rather smooth but still has a sparse amount of tomato chunks here and there. The basil on top also enriches the existing flavor. 

 Next one is the Lasagna. A very classic Italian dish, yet always being served differently according to the interpretation of the chefs. 

For this one, it is served with some greens on top and,as you can see on the left hand side some cheese is melting out. While the overall presentation might not be the key focus of this dish, we find that this dish is very tongue pleasing as well. Good combination of sauces inside, and the bachamel is not too thick. While both of us are committed cheese lovers, we find that this version of lasagna is good enough, although it can actually use a bit more salt with it.

 Just for fun, we decided to cut it open and took a picture of the layers inside. As you can see it is not too thick, and it's just right for those who wants to eat lightly. 

The last one is the Dory Fillet, served with tomato rice. The crunchiness of the Dory Fillet s just perfect and the rice gives you the opportunity to fulfill yourself. As you can see below, it is served with some capers, which might not be to everyone's liking (I like it though, it reminds me of black olives)

With two servings of tea, we spend Rp 293 K. The price is somewhat OK, considering the location and the taste. As we mentioned, this place serves multiples cuisines and we'll definitely be coming back to try more. Perhaps the Asian dishes? We'll see!

Ninety Nine Restaurant

Lotte Shopping Avenue
LG Floor 
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5

Jakarta Selatan

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
LG Floor East Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin No 1

Jakarta 10210

Ranch Market Building
2nd Floor
Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 2
Jakarta Barat

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