Sunday, December 8, 2013

Le Quartier

Just yesterday, we visited this unique restaurant called Le Quartier at Jalan Gunawarman No.34 after a friend's recommendation.

You can't miss it actually, it's  on the left side of the road after you take the right turn to the street passing KFC (I have to mention it for direction's sake). For your convenience, booking is very recommended. Right after entering, you'll enjoy a comfortable ambience which enables you to enjoy your dinner with your friends or with your special one. 

Since there are 5 of us, surely we ordered different stuffs. We started the meal with the Pizza with Bacon and Truffle Oil, with rocket salad in the middle. The pizza was very enjoyable and gives a certain flavour and aroma of Truffle. Very unique, very tasty. Definitely a recommended dish should you come here.

I reviewed two of their recommended food (recommended as in what people say), which is the Butterflied Chicken and the Pan-Seared Barramundi with Lemon Butter Sauce. 

For the chicken, flavour wise I can't say it's too special or too plain. It's somehow just being chicken. The gravy is the saviour though.. The texture of the chicken is actually just right. Very tender and easy to cut and consume. The portion is rather large, and served with baked potato and some vegetables. it is definitely quite fulfilling.

 Camera decided to be a total jerk, apologize for picture quaity :(

For the fish, the champion in here is the lemon butter sauce. While the fish is just alright in terms of flavour and texture, the white beans are the let-down of the dish as the texture is rather hard to chew. Could've been better with baked beans instead, perhaps. 

All 5 of us decided to order 2 kinds of desserts : the apple pie and creme brulee. To be honest, they are not too special, but quite enough to satisfy some sweet tooth. The apple pie is served with whipped cream and some apple chips. Texture of the pie is soft with minimal crust - it was dominated by the apple itself. The green stuff on top are some apple slices - NOT cucumber.

The creme brulee was a bit too sweet - however you can neutralize it with the cranberry on top.

All 5 of us spent at almost Rp 300K per person, including pizza, main course for each person, and two desserts. For a french-themed restaurant, can't say it's too bad, although we have yet to find the dish which is the best among the best

While the food has its ups and downs, we believe it deserves our second chance. We might give a try to the pasta next time, and perhaps with the steak. 

Le Quartier
Jalan Gunawarman No.34
Tel : +6221 - 7278-8001

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