Thursday, December 26, 2013

Some Ramen Collection Oct - Dec 2013

For some reason, both of us ended up eating Ramen three times in three months. While it's not a record or whatever, we have this irresistible urge to share what we ate.

Back in October, right after watching Thor, we went to Ikkudo in Central Park.

 A nice, straightforward Ramen with Pork. No fancy stuff. Taste was superb and exactly what we're looking for in a ramen

Second  one is very straightforward - Sanpachi Ramen

Unlike most of other people (maybe), we ordered the curry ramen. Yes, curry. I personally love it to the maximum level. It also help clears stuffy nose, which I was suffering from when we were enjoying this. 

 We both ordered the same thing and had a plate of karaage just for additional fun. 

Now the third one was Menya Sakura at Lotte Shopping Avenue

I ordered the Tsuke-men special and she ordered the spicy one.   Tsuke-men this time. This is the spotlight of this experience as I haven't found any Tsuke-men anywhere (or I'm probably just uninformed). Basically you're supposed to dip the ramen in the sauce as the ramen itself is not warm. The sauce is rather salty, and the spicy sauce is VERY spicy.Overall, still a good adventure. 

All in all, each of these ramen are delicious and special in their own way. Give them a try, and simply choose one which is your ultimate favorite. 

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