Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ya Rae Hyang - Senopati [Revisited] (somewhat)

If you guys still remember, we visited Ya Rae Hyang, a Korean Restaurant in Gading Batavia around half a year ago - check the post right here. 

This time, we visited the other place in Senopati, which is located very close to Mu Gung Hwa - A Korean mart that sells Korean food ingredients (a very cool place, you should check it out). 

Finding this place in Jalan Senayan No.16 is a bit difficult - it is situated right next to a clinic or some sort but there is no very large sign of it. Simply put - if Mu Gung Hwa Korean supermarket is on your left - you have passed it and need to turn around. 

Our objective this time was to simply eat Jajangmyeon - to see whether the taste and quality is consistent, and as well to fulfill our craving at that time. 
Serene little place

The Jajangmyeon, flavor wise, tastes very very slightly better than the one in Gading Batavia.  The portion is still the same, which is relatively on the large size. 

Jajangmyeon - Rp 55,000

Ok, the Jajangmyeon is one of the things we wanted to try but that was not everything. We also tried the Gunmandu (dumpling). It was okay - nothing too special but definitely makes a delicious side dish. 

Gunmandu - Rp 55K too

Another thing that was also on our table was the Kanpunggi - translated into fried chicken with garlic sauce. It is somewhat pricey with the cost of Rp 160K - but it was worth it and perfect for sharing. Might as well enjoy a bottle of Soju with that.

Kanpunggi - Rp 160,000

Overall, we had a pleasant dining experience, albeit the very quiet environment. There were probably a couple of Korean expats dining there - feeling like home. The authenticity of the food as well as the ambience makes me want to keep going back here again and again - they do offer a lot of other noodle menu and Korean dishes ready to be tried. 

On another note, this is one of the very few place where you can find a good quality Jajangmyeon, therefore please support the place and enjoy the food!

Ya Rae Hyang Senopati
Jl. Senayan No 16, Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

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