Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coco Ichibanya Curry House - Grand Indonesia

We found this place completely by accident while looking for another store, and decided to try it anyway. 

Coco Curry is located on the 4th floor (3A, actually) of Grand Indonesia, next to Disc Tarra. With the bright yellow signs and lighting, you really can't miss it. It's a very nice place and have a really nice vibe with it. The franchise is actually one of the biggest curry house from Japan and is widely acclaimed to be having the best curry. 

For me it's up to personal judgement as curries tend to give a similar experience. However, there are some things which may make several differences. 

There are many options in which you can customize your curry. You can choose the amount of rice, ranging from 150 gram to 500 if I remember correctly. Then you can also choose the spiciness (up to level 5) and the additional toppings, such as sausages, croquettes, and many more - I lost count. 

We both ordered the level 2 (which turned out to be not that spicy for us). One of them is the Beef Cutlet Katsu Curry and the other one is Beef Hamburg Curry. I added an additional Potato Croquette. with the Katsu Curry. We both ordered the 150 gr rice for each plate. Also for fun, we ordered the crispy chicken salad with it. 

Yes, this salad is purely for fun and it has no dressing. 

Pictured above is the Minced Beef Katsu Curry with Potato Croquette toppings (you get two pieces per order). Why not chicken katsu? Just because. 

The taste of the curry is, by far, the most amazing curry I've ever tried in Jakarta. It has the perfect balance of spiciness and flavor with it (at least for level 2). Not to mention that, while it's admittedly hard to judge one curry over another, this one gives a distinct shout of quality throughout every spoon you take.  They also serve the katsu well - the meat is very tender and juicy and fried to perfection. 

As for the croquette, they are more into the chewy and creamy part, and might be too soft and mochi-like to some people. Actually the curry itself would've been perfect already without the toppings.

Now the Beef Hamburg itself is a surprise - contrary to popular cooking method, this one is not pan-fried but seemed to be steamed. Some people might prefer pan-fried, however this one is also good and gives a healthier option for you. Even though it is steamed,. the juiciness and tenderness stays. Still a good one and worth a try. The Minced Beef Katsu Curry still wins though, in our opinion. 

With two drinks, and all of the above ordered, we spent around Rp 202 K for it. Personally, it's worth all the money and the price is not too bad considering the superior quality of the curry.

Our advice? Go there and eat whichever curry combination that you want.  This place is amazing. 

Coco Ichibanya Curry House
Grand Indonesia , West Mall level 3A unit E0 01-1
Ph. +6221 23580960

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