Monday, February 17, 2014

School Food Blooming Mari - Lotte Shopping Avenue

This place has been around for quite some time, and yet I only had the opportunity to go there just a few weeks ago. We have heard that they have one of the best Ddeokbokki (Korean Rice Cake) in town, so we thought this might be worth a visit.

Anyway, it is said that the name is derived from the fact that the food served are the typical school canteen food you can find in Korea. The place itself is well designed and not too crowded for a Saturday lunch. A nice dating spot  - if dating with spicy ddeokbokki is your thing. 

To be honest, we were rather in a diet mood for personal reasons. However, one of our key principles is to have a pleasurable dieting experience. Therefore, we ordered the Original Ddeokbokki, Hamburg Rice, and Pajeon. 

Let's begin with the Pajeon. It was the kind that we've always wanted. Not too starchy, however still crunchy and clearly has a certain egg-taste. Stop reading and start drooling. 

Now start reading again. In addition, we ordered the hamburg rice. A simple dish yet very satisfying and yummy. A bit more egg, but we think it was fine. Meat was very tender and juicy and the sauce compliments the rice perfectly.

The real deal is of course their original Ddeokbokki. Korean food lovers would definitely know how these little chewy gems taste like, however we should probably warn you that it is spicier than they usually are in some other Korean restaurants. Awesome taste and will definitely wake you up.

We spend less than 300 K, was probably more around 250 K including drinks. 

Now I start to wonder, do school kids really like spicy stuff in their canteen? I guess it's a Korean thing. 

UPDATE : As per my last visit in July 2014, the premise in Central Park has been closed. You can still find it at Lotte Shopping Avenue @ Jl. Satrio, Kuningan.

Outlets :  Lotte Shopping Avenue

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