Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

We admit that we're a bit sensitive on authenticity of foods - especially when they represent a certain culture or countries.

That is why we came to Ootoya. While it's not a newcomer, we think not many people had the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate this one-of-a-kind Japanese restaurant. It's not your typical sushi bar, ramen place, or even beef bowl. It provides authenticity and true Japanese cuisine. 

Pictured above is the one of the salad served with fried chickens (Mini Torikurozu) and a very amazing dressing. 

I personally ordered the soba / buckwheat noodles. Served in a simple way, yet giving it the most original flavour and taste possible. The portion is rather fulfilling for one person, however I do recommend adding a side dish together with it to give you an extra experience. 

The Kasan is also a good and fresh option for your meals. it is basically a soup with chicken katsu and several vegetables inside. The soup is very fulfilling and gives a healthy feeling afterwards. 

This is my companion for the soba, which is the karaage. Served with the same sauce with the Mini Torikurozu, the taste is amazingly awesome, with a piece of egg as a nice extra. 

Overall, I recommend this place if you are looking for authentic Japanese cuisine while you're on your mall trip. We spent around Rp 320 K here, really worth the experience. 

It's not always about the ramen and the sushi, or even the how many can you fit inside the bento box. It's about how the food is cooked, and the food that clearly accentuates the original flavour of the ingredients. 

Currently situated in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Pacific Place, Plaza Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall, and Summarecon Mall Serpong

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