Monday, July 28, 2014

LaCroazia Pizza Bakar - Gading Serpong

Real life has been crazy, so I haven't got time to go anywhere unique let alone blogging. 

If you noticed, recent posts have been about Italian foods and Pizza in particular. I would like to warn you that the this one is again about pizza. 

However, this place is not some luxury Italian stuff or even some fine dining. This is a place at a ruko in Gading Serpong, called LaCroazia, a humble, homey-styled Pizza where you can just simply sit down, eat, and chill just like in a neighborhood premise. 

The business have been operating for 7 months as of now, and there have been lots of good reviews about this place, therefore I decided to travel all the way (and got lost of course) to Gading Serpong just to visit this place.

Here's a glimpse of the premise. 

As you can see, that the owner making the thin crust pizza all by himself. Everything is hand made and home made, which for me personally gave a very special feeling to it.Personally for me, the Croatian flag makes this place awesome. 

Here's a glimpse of the menu :

We ordered what can be considered two of the most favorite pizza there. The first one is the Mediterranasian, which is in general a unique combination of salad and pizza into one. Was quite surprised by the localized-style presentation, which is on top of a bamboo tray with banana leaves. 

For us it was a very refreshing dish - the freshness of the ingredients plus the simplicity and originality of the pizza. I've never seen anything like this. The thin crust pizza simply makes you crave for more. The olives are mild-tasting, therefore anyone can enjoy it. I know a few people who can't enjoy olives, and I can guarantee they can eat this happily.

As expected, being a thin crust pizza topped with veggies, we craved for more, thus we ordered the LaCroazia pizza, which is their signature pizza.

 This pizza has a tasty combination of salami, olives, mushroom, and cheese. The amount of cheese is particularly generous here. Gotta enjoy the guilty feeling. In total, we ate 2 pizza, although I believe I could eat another 2 slices. 

Got some orange smoothie and margarita to close the meal.

In total, we spend about Rp 172 K including drinks. I personally really love this place and would definitely come back again to try more and also to show my support towards such unique start ups. 

Lacroazia Pizza Bakar
Address : Ruko Glaze 2 Blok B/20 Gading Serpong, Tangerang.
Phone    : 083806982411

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