Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sopra Italian Restaurant

So we went to this somewhat visible restaurant in Pacific Place in which it always seems like the place has very minimal lighting. We read some good and bad reviews, so we thought we'll give it a try.

Sopra is located at the 2nd floor of Pacific Place near one of the escalators. From the outside, it does look like a very high end place and suitable for dating or family gatherings.

When we arrived, it wasn't too crowded and in fact when we left there were a few seats left, so you might not need to book first although it is always good to do so. 

We ordered one appetizer, which is the Tomato with Mozzarella, Pumpkin Gnocchi, and the Sopra Pizza. 

As an appetizer, the Tomato with Mozzarella works rather well. The freshness is maintained rather good and it is very well presented. I personally thought it could use more basil with it, as without it the whole serving is a bit too bland by itself.

The pumpkin Gnocchi is soft, tender, and tasty, as well as very rich in flavor. You cannot expect less from such a restaurant. While it might be a bit small in terms of the portion if you plan to eat by itself, we thought it was okay since we were sharing a lot of things.

The pizza is probably the star of of the day as it is the most satisfying of them all. Thin crust pizza with the unique combination of flavour. We kinda forget the content of the pizza, however we can easily recommend it. Some of you might experience pizzas that are too thin or too cheesy, well not for this one, that for sure. 

As a dessert, we ordered the Pannacotta. Sadly, it didn't taste as good as some other places that we've tried. The texture could have been more mainstream instead of being too creative.  

All in all, we spent almost Rp 600K just for the two of us, so price is definitely rather high here compared with some other high-end Italian places with somewhat the same level. Frankly, it is not currently on our favorite list. However, feel free to give the place a visit should you are willing to try something new.

Sopra Ristorante Jakarta
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman No.52-53, Pacific Place Mall Lantai 1 Unit 122
+62 21 51400557 

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