Friday, August 23, 2013


Food Adventure @ Pancious

Pancious is already a well-known restaurant known for having great selection of.. non pancakes.

We've ate here twice in the past 3 weeks, so let me share what we had and what we think of them.

Please note that we DID NOT order these on the same day. Otherwise, we would be having a belly with the size of a car.

Below is the Waffle with bolognaise and cheese. Pretty good if you ask me. One thing about waffles is that it is very easy to screw this up and end up having a waffle that is too dry and too crunchy. This one was delivered perfectly with a good combination of crunchiness and sponginess. 

Next one is some salad. We need vegetables to function, so yeah...

Fettuccine with Salmon and Marinara sauce. Rich taste and the amount of Salmon was very generous. 

Creamy Mushroom Soup with croutons. A good way too feel warm for the night. 

Baby Potatoes with beef bacon. The potato is surprisingly rich in taste, therefore you can actually just enjoy it by itself without any sauce, although dipping it in some mayo would be extremely perfect. Best eaten warm. 

The legendary Mushroom pasta. This is, by far, the best pasta in Pancious. Although no meat is involved, you just can't resist the taste of the creamy sauce. A surprisingly pleasant vegetarian dish.

Pancake with bacon and egg. Finally we had some pancake on the table! Our recommended method of eating is dividing the pancake into 6 pieces, break the yolk, and spread it evenly on top of the slices. 

Waffles again! With almond and some caramel. A good ending to a nice food adventure.

Honestly, we won't stop trying new things at Pancious. There's just too much to try, and worth the 5th, or maybe 6th visit. We *might* give more focus on the pancakes next time, simply to honour the name. 

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