Monday, May 13, 2013


Next-Door Swiss Cuisine

This is our, like, 8th or 9th or 10th visit to Marche since 2012 and to be honest we are kind of addicted to this restaurant. We never really trying to give a review, however we have to be fair and decided to revisit and carefully 'analyze' the food from now on.

We visited the one at Plaza Senayan. The place is not too crowded during lunch, however it is going to be VERY crowded during dinner, so time your visit accordingly. Come at 6 PM-ish to ensure your seat

Just as an introduction for those who haven't eaten here : Marche uses a stall-based concept in which you order the food in the 'stalls' and they will  give you either a stamp (in Plaza Senayan) or adding it in your Marche card (in Grand Indonesia), then you pay in the cashier after you finish eating. Kind of like foodcourt nowadays, but you do not buy credits before entering.

We start with the Fried Enoki, which we think is one of the best thing around in this restaurant. We use the garlic chili sauce and tartar for maximum pleasure. Crunchy on the outside while fresh on the inside

We follow it up with Salmon Quiche. This is also a must-have. The crust is not too thick and the filling is just perfect.

The we moved on to one of Swiss' most famous delicacy, which is the Rosti. One of the most famous choice in-store is the Beef Stroganoff Rosti. We gave it a try and it does not taste too bad., however sometimes the taste varies from time-to-time, therefore they might need to work on the consistency. Sometimes they burn it a bit like the picture that we have below

Next, we tried the Creamy Beef Fettucine. Actually, you can order your own combination in the pasta stall. However, this is one of our favorite pasta in Marche, with just right al-dente pasta and a well-mixed creamy flavour and texture.

Finally, we close it with two dessert, which is the Chocolate Pie and the Apple Strudel. Both are amazing, however the Chocolate Pie's crust was slightly too thick for our taste.

We spend like Rp 340K here including two ice lemon tea. Considering the amount of stuff that we ordered and the apparent food quality served, we consider this place to be giving a good value for money for such a taste. We do recommend people coming here and order whatever is on their mood at the time. Still, keep our reviews in mind for the ones which are really good :)

2 Locations in Jakarta so far :

Marché Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Entertainment Distrikt 3A#03A-D,  
Jln. MH. Thamrin 1,   
West Mall- besides Musical fountain
10310 Jakarta

Marché Plaza Senayan
Unit 500CP Plaza Senayan,
 5th.floor, Jl Asia -Afrika No.8
10270 Jakarta

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