Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cafe Bali - Seminyak, Bali

Staying in Seminyak can only result in a very interesting culinary adventure. 

There were plenty of western food options around Seminyak, and it's not possible to actually visit them one by one unless your budget is virtually unlimited. Thus, during our latest trip to Bali, we decided to simply try a few most recommended places there. 

We started one of our days by having a brunch in Cafe Bali, Seminyak. It is a very pleasant place and relatively quiet - a somewhat serene place amongst the Seminyak crowd.

We were the first few visitors in that rainy morning - and the place does seem more enjoyable when it's quiet. 

Let's get started with the meal. We had a very simple breakfast which only consists of Eggs Florentine (one Salmon and one regular), Croissant, and Fricadelle (Pork sausage). 

The croissant is..just wow It is what you would expect from a good croissant - very soft, texture is just right, and the taste is close to perfect- Rp 15K for the croissant and think it's a relatively good value considering the size and the taste. 

Sausage was just sausage though, and it was not too fancy .However it's quite delicious and also worth a try although the portion is relatively small - quite pricey for Rp 43 K. 

The eggs florentine is delicious and the eggs were poached perfectly - with enough hollandaise sauce to compliment the bread and the eggs. Simple and fulflling breakfast yet very delicious - we do  recommend to try the florentine. Regular florentine costs Rp 25K and the salmon one is Rp 45 K - not bad I guess. I'd rather order another florentine than the sausage though. 

They also have much more variety on their menu and their breakfast is pretty much all day - you won't miss a single minute. 

Address : Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak, Bali

Phone : 0361736484

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