Thursday, January 22, 2015

Biku - Seminyak, Bali

Being tea freaks, we always look for an opportunity to have a wonderful tea time together. However, we couldn't have imagined that such opportunity would come up in Bali, where you would expect people to enjoy overpriced western food or very spicy rice dishes.

Biku is conveniently located in Seminyak (where, as you know, is the trendiest place in Bali as of now) and it is decorated with such an authentic Balinese feel. There is no air conditioning or whatever, but still enjoyable. 

When you enter, on the left hand corner there will be a small classical bookshop (which I think is intended for you to buy and enjoy the book there). Going further inside, and there is a tarot reading desk,and I heard that you have to make an appointment for the tarot reading.

Tarots aside, we decided to try their tea set. We ordered the Traditional Afternoon Tea, with Biku classic tea as the tea of choice. The restaurant offers a various range of teas, so you don't have to worry about not finding one that won't suit you. 

The tea set is accompanied with a set of small bites that are definitely simple and godly : sandwich with ham, cucumber, and smoked salmon as the savory bites, and two pieces of scones and a few other sweets on top. All of these cost Rp 105K, but definitely worth it. It gives a slightly different experience compared with TWG

 Furthermore, another must try would be the Signature Beef Pie. The size of the pie is large enough to leave you fulfilled in the afternoon. The taste is very fresh and delicious, the filling is perfect, and the crust is having just about the right thickness. While eating with ketchup doesn't sound to classy, you should probably try it. This little gem here costs you Rp 60 K as of 2014. 

Of course there are other things to be tried, however we didn't have the stomach capacity. Definitely will make a revisit once in Bali.

Warning : Do make reservation the day or two days before. It is always full even when it's not on holiday season.

Biku Bali
Jl. Petitenget 88, Kerobokan

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