Thursday, November 14, 2013

Siam Garden

At last I can post again! Obviously, back with some delicious foodies. 

Both of us were craving for some Thai food goodness, so based on my special one's experience, she often visits this premise and I thought this was worth a visit. The place is kinda hard to get, so do not hesitate to give the restaurant a call to assist you in finding the exact location.

Located quite close to residential areas, the location is rather hidden. Luckily we were able to easily find it by driving rather *slowly*.

Ambience is very nice and comfy, enough space to move, and when we visited there, we happened to be the first visitor of the day. 

We ordered several items that are guaranteed to please your tongue and tummy. 

Let's begin with the Seafood Tom Yum itself. Fresh, yummy, and not too spicy. Definitely an original taste.  Some Thai restaurants often make their Tom Yum too spicy. This one is a true exception from that. 

Seafood Tom Yum
Pandan Chicken is what we had next alongside with the others. Very tender, juicy, and delicious. Small portion makes up for the good taste

Pandan Chicken
Without the Pandan leaves
The second dish is the Sweet and Sour Chicken with Cakwe. I know, another chicken dish, however this one is good, so no regrets were had

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Aaaand the best part is probably the Pineapple Fried Rice. That's right, we're having fried rice right inside the fruit itself. Aside from the unique and distinct taste, the pineapple didn't actually overpower the taste. Rather, it completes the overall experience. Tongue-pleasing, if you ask me. 

Pineapple Fried Rice
But then, nothing is complete without dessert. We ordered the Cream Cassava (Singkong) and the delicius Tako. Authentic Thai Dessert. Damn, so sweet and smooth, especially the Tako. 

Cream Cassava (Singkong)


Finally, we ended the whole experience with 3 glasses of Authentic Thai Iced Tea. Not too sweet, and not too milky. Again, a perfect combination!

The whole meal costs us around Rp 285K. The price is rather competitive among other Thai restaurants considering the taste. We are seriously considering revisiting the place again. There ate still a lot of stuffs to be tried. 

Interested? Go visit Siam Garden at :

Siam Garden
Komplek Green Garden Blok Z No.32
Jakarta. Indonesia
Phone : (021) 5814085

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