Saturday, June 13, 2015

[TRAVEL SERIES] South Korea - Amazingly Delicious and Healthy Food PART 2

Now, I will continue posting about several good stuff from Korea.

Before leaving Jeju Island, we had the opportunity to enjoy the Samgyetang, which basically is a ginseng soup with rice-stuffed chicken. Back in Jakarta we can easily find it in authentic Korean restaurants and more chains start to have it too.

 What makes this one so special is that typically in common Samgyetang we found in Jakarta, the soup is somewhat bland and you will need to add more salt according to your liking. This one however is already delicious on its own and the chicken has more meat than rice. Totally worth it! You also get some noodles to accompany. 

Now our next journey was to Mt. Seorak. Before we reached our inn, and since the weather was kinda chilly despite the warmth of the spring, getting some stew wouldn't hurt, right? Even better with some makgeolli to end the night. 

After the mountain adventure, we tried the Mt. Seorak grilled fish. Now, this grilled fish is not just some grilled fish. In fact, this is the most amazing grilled fish I have ever eaten, and this area just happen to have one of the best grilled fish in the world that I have ever tried. It is tender, tasty, and almost no bones are visible. And no, I  am not being hyperbolic. If you were in Indonesia, you would probably be tempted to put kecap manis on it, but please don't. 

Snacking on the journey back to Seoul had never been better with some pine nut snacks, only 3000 won or less

Now, in Seoul, you would probably expect us to get some very, very typical food. Well guess what, it's both yes and no actually. Upon arrival on Dongdaemun and after some heavy shopping, we went to the food court right in Lotte Fitin. You should probably have guessed what we had for dinner. 


It slightly reminds us of the ones we have in Ya Rae Hyang but this also tastes great, even for a restaurant in a mall.

Our last night in Korea was a total food adventure. We tried several Myeongdong street food such as :
Pork Meatballs - unhealthy but amazing

Egg Bread - this is super delicious

Sausages on skewers - also delicious. 

The last meal was called the Dakjjim - a braised chicken stew. This stuff here is not too popular in Jakarta, however it is actually very delicious and is a very nice winter/spring dish. We just happened to try one of the most famous in Myeongdong, located in some alley somewhere in Myeongdong. Keep in mind that there are several Dakjjim places in the same road, we simply chose this one because it was the most crowded, and didn't regret a single bit! 

Dakjjim is a healthy and  very fulfilling dish, therefore make sure that if you find any of these in Jakarta, give it a shot. And if you happen to travel to Korea, find the one above in Myeongdong. A bit hard to find and we weren't even sure of the exact address, but if you can read Korean you can probably Google it up. The portion below was meant for 1-2 persons but if you convert it into Indonesia portion, this can be enjoyed for up to 3 hungry people or 4 people max. 

Last lunch before going back to Jakarta? Some BBQ of course. For some reason, we always feel that the meat served in Korea, be it pork or beef, are in very good quality. Just look at the colour. This reduces the guilty feeling when eating by 15-20%. 

Would definitely travel back to hunt more delicious Korean food and this time solely for culinary purposes. Actually, we believe that food is the sole reason for us to travel now , when we have our little children, and after we get old.  

Tune it for the next of the travel series in September (this is like giving away a hint but at least we let you know in advance). 

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