Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paradise Dynasty

Chinese Food Day - Part 2

A continuity of the Chinese Food Day!

Today, we happen to have a voucher that we can use at Paradise Dynasty and we decided to use it. Now, even though with vouchers, we still ordered additional stuff.  

Besides, who's saying we can't review food from vouchers? All restaurants are obliged to serve the best anyway :D

It's a nice,luxurious looking place with a warm lighting and high-quality display. You would probably also expect exceptional dishes being served here.

Without further ado, we quickly found a seat and ordered our voucher menu, plus some additional ones to make things complete

As we ordered quite a few, below is our review on each of the dishes

1. Sweet and Sour Chicken 

Taste is kinda OK, not too special but still enjoyable

2. Spinach with Garlic 

 A simple dish that we ordered just for some greens

3. Hot & Sour Soup

We find this soup to be very rich-tasting and superb. A very good combination of tastes. We truly recommend this one

4. Chicken Soup

 A nice savoury soup with an original taste. Compared with the hot and sour, this one tastes more original and simple, however still delicious

5. Chicken Xiao Long Bao 

The Chicken Xiao Long Pao was not really up to the expectation. We tried the pork one before and the pork one taste much better.

6. Deep Fried Scallion

This is definitely one of the best fried food that we've ever eaten. Crunchy and savoury with a taste of scallion obviously

7. Red Bean Pancake

A one-of-a-kind dessert in which a layer of chocolate is covered in crispy layers

8. Coconut Pudding

Sweet and fresh, although it is kind of different with other coconut pudding. The colour is usually white, while this one is very clear as seen in the picture

Overall, we had an amazing experience and wishing to return and order entirely different things. This place has a lot of potential. 

Overall spending without the voucher would be around Rp 420K. Not bad considering we ordered A LOT

Tounge definitely pleased. Find the address below :

Plaza Senayan, P5 Fl Unit CP 512 - 513Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8JakartaTel :(021) 5790 - 0146

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